Principles That Matter is committed to advancing the principles of a free market, limited government and individual liberty through research and education on public policy issues.


Principles That Matter is an independent, non-profit, non-partisan initiative that seeks to better understand modern American culture and relate solutions to citizens based on the successful principles that are the foundation of America Exceptionalism.

These principles of governance, economics and culture created an environment where art and culture flourished, millions were lifted out of poverty, and an egalitarian society where anyone who wanted to work hard could get ahead.

But today these principles have become lost and clouded. Ideas about what should work abound, but without any evidence of having actually worked. At the same time, the American electorate itself has changed. Adults are marrying later, if at all. Families have children later. America is more ethnically diverse than ever before. The economy is shifting quickly, forcing workers to re-train for new careers. A decade of wars and economic recession have soured our outlook on life.

Principles That Matter is working to understand these trends and their impact on how we view civic engagement.

Principles That Matter reaches hundreds of thousands of Coloradans each year with solutions to restore equality and opportunity for our communities.