Statement on Governor Jared Polis’ First Colorado State of the State Address

Following Colorado Governor Jared Polis’ first State of the State address this morning, Principles That Matter Executive Director Allen Fuller released the following statement:

“On issue after issue, Governor Polis outlined broad, nonpartisan, positive objectives on which we can all agree, but then immediately offered narrow, ideological, destructive solutions.

“Governor Polis outlined lofty goals for education, health care, transportation and more, however his speech lacked any concrete details about how he would accomplish these goals and more importantly, how much they will cost Coloradans. While we agree with the Governor’s enthusiasm for the great state of Colorado, we hoped to hear more positive solutions. Instead we were left with confusing contrasts between his priorities and policies that will hurt our economy, our families, and our communities.

“While a definitive theme of his speech was ‘saving Coloradans money,’ many of his goals would require expensive programs and regulations.

“Thousands of Colorado working families who depend on jobs related to oil and gas will be disappointed that Governor Polis did not show more support for their concerns. He did however voice support for setbacks, an issue roundly rejected by Colorado voters last November.

“Governor Polis has pledged a moderate, middle of the road administration. Despite the laundry list of new government programs and regulations outlined today, we remain hopeful that he will look outside his own ideology for solutions that truly do preserve Colorado’s unique opportunity and way of life.”

About Principles That Matter

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