Principles That Matter is committed to advancing the principles of a free market, limited government, and individual liberty through research and education on public policy issues.


Principles That Matter is a Colorado-based 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-partisan initiative dedicated to connecting modern citizens with timeless principles.

PTM is singularly focused on reaching disengaged citizens and introducing them to effective public policy perspectives and solutions based on the principles that inspired America’s founders.

This focus on moderate citizens has led to groundbreaking research on the media habits, demographics, behaviors, and values of many segments of our society. PTM’s research is increasingly used by Colorado and national policy organizations and elected officials.

PTM also conducts trainings to help stakeholders and elected officials better understand how to connect with citizens and effectively communicate policies based on principle.


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Principles That Matter reaches hundreds of thousands of Coloradans each year with solutions to restore equality and opportunity for our communities.