Resources for Moving the Middle

As the 2018 election results continue to sink in, many conservatives in Colorado are asking themselves how they can do a better job connecting with the moderate middle. And while “the middle” has always been an important part of Colorado’s culture, the data from 2018 shows that this group is now more important than ever.

At PTM, a core part of our mission is better understanding how to connect Coloradans across the political spectrum with the timeless principles of America’s founding, and we’ve created several resources to help engaged citizens at all levels move the middle.

Moving the Middle E-Book

A great introduction to “the middle”, our “Moving the Middle” e-book takes a look at the lessons we learned from the 2012 and 2016 elections, provides polling data on what people in this demographic believe, and offers advice on what messages resonate with them best. It introduces three people who matter when we’re talking about the middle — the soft Republican soccer mom, the weak Republican millennial, and the blue-collar true middle American — and discusses what’s important to each of them and how to best reach them through media channels. Finally, it points to other resources for how to reach out and connect with these important groups. Find it here.

The Power of Values to Move the Middle” blog post

One of the false choices commonly presented to conservatives is that they can either gain the support of moderates or be true to their principles. In this blog post, PTM director Allen Fuller dispels this myth and shows how open-minded Americans still desire policies driven by our founding principles, but demand they be pursued for the right motivations.

Taking a deeper dive into the psychology and theory behind effectively connecting with middle-of-the-road citizens, this blog post offers solutions and processes for communicating conservative values. Using The Theory of Basic Human Values, first formulated in 1990 by professor Shalom Schwartz, it outlines the ten values we all prioritize around the world (although we do prioritize them differently) and offers a three-step process for how we can use those values to persuade moderates to embrace America’s founding principles. Taking a look at the 2001 Italian elections as a case study, the blog also outlines that while values are important, there are other factors to take into consideration as well. Read it here.

Created by PTM, Thought.Buzz is a thoughtful place for people who want to get beyond the hype and find real solutions to the issues important to their communities, families and nation. Through blog posts and videos, the website explores issues and offers fair and honest solutions to the problems we are facing, without the name-calling, raised voices, or fake facts. The website not only engages on specific topics of the day, but also discusses the underlying ideas that matter. A perfect resource to share with moderate friends, it can also help you when crafting your own messages for how to reach and move the middle. Check it out at

For elected officials and candidates on the campaign trail looking for information on the issues affecting all Coloradans with solutions that will resonate with moderates, bookmark With issue briefs on topics like transportation, health care, the economy and more, the briefs offer quick summaries, deep background, key facts, solutions and even dissenting views on how best to create more freedom and opportunity for Coloradans. They also include links to other resources and policy experts, helping our state’s leaders be better prepared to face Colorado’s challenges today and plan for an even brighter future tomorrow. Find them here.

While these resources are a great place to start, at Principles That Matter we are constantly thinking of new ways to find, understand and connect with “the middle.” If you have other ideas or are looking for other information, please don’t hesitate to connect with us here, on Facebook, or on Twitter.