New Report: More Coloradans Choosing Candidates On Principle Than Rhetoric

A new report released today from Principles That Matter, a project of the Centennial Institute, shows more Coloradans making rational, principle-based choices today than any time in recent years.

“After enduring an election dominated by style over substance, we’re seeing that Coloradans are done with it,” said Allen Fuller, director of the Principles That Matter project. “They simply and finally decided to devalue the entertainment factor of politics and are ready to choose candidates and policies based on their principles.”

The new report, based on extensive survey and focus group research, finds large majorities have become disinterested with rhetorical elements of campaigning like outlandish statements, personal attacks and negative campaigning. On the contrary, voters today have developed an intuitive desire to know more about the candidates’ principles.

At the same time, support for large government programs, endless regulation and Donald Trump have declined rapidly. Anecdotally, recent news reports have shown Hillary Clinton has reversed her positions on environmental regulation, health care and the minimum wage based on polling and focus groups where participants angrily pushed back on previously reliable, albeit empty, soundbites.

The study was conducted across several segments of the population, including new Trump supporters, old Trump supporters, Bernie Sanders supporters, and people who “typically don’t give a rip.”

“We look forward to this being a reality someday,” continued Fuller. “But the only explanation for these results today is it’s April Fools.”


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