WCS17: Moving the Middle with Beverly Hallberg & Allen Fuller

Conservative principles are the foundation for prosperous societies. So why is it so hard to share the good news? Join Principles That Matter’s Allen Fuller and District Media Group’s Beverly Hallberg to find new ways to connect timeless principles with today’s citizens.

Event details:

Saturday, July 22, 2017
3:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Room 303, Colorado Convention Center
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Beverly Hallberg is the president and founder of District Media Group where she conducts media training for Members of Congress, CEOs, policy wonks, and politicos. She is also a visiting fellow in communications at The Heritage Foundation and 2016 winner of the William F. Buckley Award. She is a guest columnist for the Daily Signal, Washington Examiner, and The Hill. She is a regular contributor or Fox News and CNN.

Allen Fuller is the director of Principles That Matter, a project of The Centennial Institute. During his career he has served as a legislative staffer in the US Senate and a communications director in the US House, staffed numerous campaigns, advised Fortune 50 companies, led innovation as the chief operating officer of a tech startup, and founded Flat Creek – a digital agency with over 300 clients across 35 states and 3 continents.